Hell and Glory

The following instructions are intended for players, as guidelines for creating characters. Some leeway is allowed, but mostly in the direction of less powerful characters or more developed personalities. In general characters will be masters of their art (approximately 9th level), moderately equipped with magic, and reasonably well connected within their community.

The guidelines given here include instructions on ability score rolling, base experience with instructions for determining character level, and allowances for magic and equipment. There are two backgrounds you can choose from for your character: natives of Kirti, or friends of Sarit. The choice of backgrounds will affect your starting knowledge and your allowance of money and magic. Non-human characters can additionally choose to be foreigners with restricted knowledge and wealth, but they would then be allowed skills and equipment not normally found in human medieval India.

Ability Scores
Starting Experience
Group A -- Natives of Kirti
Group B -- Friends of Sarit
Non-Human Characters
Medieval India

Hell and Glory - 08 MAY 95
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