Character Creation Guidlines

In general, each player can have one(1) main character with 2,500,000 exp (+10% if allowed) and 20,000 exp worth of magic, henchmen, and pets. As usual, the cost of each magic item is its exp value as listed in the DMG, Encyclopedia Magica, or other. Henchmen can be "bought" at of rate of 1/20th of their total exps and come with their own magic items of value less than or equal to their cost. E.g., a 7th level fighter henchman with 64,000 exp can be bought for 3,200 of your exp allowance and gets 3,200 worth of magic. Pets can be chosen from any of the AD&D monster manuals and cost the same as the creature's exp value. Henchmen and pets should be compatible with your character, and owning a pet doesn't necessarily give you control over it.

There are three(3) special characters needed for this campaign: A high priest of Ademis, a wizard companion to the high priest, and a Great Druid (i.e., 14th level). These three characters get special benefits and have special restrictions.

  1. High Priest of Ademis -- Must be a human male, and primarily of the cleric class although a dual class fighter cleric is allowed. He must be of a lawful alignment, most likely LN or LE. Click here for more information on clerics of Ademis. This character is not allowed to have pets, but can buy henchmen at half price (e.g., 3,200 exp would buy two 7th level fighters with 3,200 exp worth of magic each). This character is the nominal leader of the party.

  2. Wizard companion -- This character is a single classed wizard, and may be either a conjurer, invoker, or generalist wizard. This character has no henchmen, but gets an extra 10,000 exp allowance to buy magic and pets (i.e., a total of 30,000 exp allowance). This character is most likely male and of an alignment similar to his friend, the high priest. He is the primary architect of the Hellgate, so should have some relevant spells.

  3. A Great Druid -- This character does not live anywhere near the Hellgate, and has no knowledge of its existence. As a Great Druid, this character leads an entire circle of druids in governing an eldritch forest land. Three 11th level druids will accompany the Great Druid as henchmen. They each come with 2,000 exp worth of magic, which is above and beyond the character's own 20,000 exp allowance. The druid is allowed no other henchmen, but may buy pets at half price. E.g., a great wyrm amethyst dragon, which usually costs 21,000 exp, can be bought for only 10,500 exp.

Beyond these three special characters, the party should also have at least one fighter (a.k.a., the tank). If anyone plays a psionicist as their primary character, they can have one psionic item for no charge. These other characters will most likely be friends of the Great Druid, with no fore-knowledge of the Hellgate.

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