Common Knowledge

You were born and live among the many lands of the Prime World; An entire world governed by the teachings of Ademis—King of the Gods. But this common rulership does not imply any lack in diversity of cultures, religions, or lesser forms of government among the subject lands. Counted among the cultures that survive are the Arabians, the Chinese, Incans, and Celts. These and others are permitted to govern their own people and lands, so long as the core of Ademis' teachings are obeyed.

World domination by the Empire was assured two centuries ago in an epic series of battles. The rebel gods and their worshippers have now been eradicated from the face of the Prime World. Even their names, the speaking of which is forbidden, have been lost from common knowledge. Dominance of the Empire has grown ever since, until all peoples everywhere have been brought the knowledge of Ademis' pure teachings.

The last few generations have seen the beginnings of a Golden Age. With no external enemies, the Empire prospers, so even the least of its citizens stays warm and fed. Those in power accumulate great wealth, prosperity, and many heathen slaves to satisfy their every whim.

But some see dissatisfaction within the Empire. They talk about the classes of people without citizenship, who must suffer poverty, hunger, and loss of personal freedom to support the Chosen—the citizens of Empire. They also speak against a growing decadence, and whisper of unholy acts perpetrated by those in power. These are all things you have heard, but should discount, because only condemned criminals would speak such of the glorious Empire.

The current emperor and divine mouthpiece of Ademis—Akmid Jamar VIII—rules from the Forbidden City in the Golden Land. And the nearby city of Capitol is the most glorious place any non-priest may ever hope to see on the Prime World. Only priests of Ademis and similar luminaries are allowed to enter the Forbidden City.

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