Race To Empire
The Campaign So Far...


Here is the info I gave players for the creation of their characters... Your characters are from a Greek culture, specifically ancient Greece around the city of Sparta. There are three major social classes: Spartiates (upper class, sort of), perioikoi (roughly middle class), and helots (menial class). Spartiates are the only true citizens of Sparta, but their culture is very restrictive and focused on war.

As with most of my campaigns, this one is a mix of role-playing, fighting, and puzzle solving, so design characters appropriately. The party should have a ranger (or other wilderness wise character). I'm offering a special deal on a Spartiate warrior: famous family connections, but some family tensions. There is also a special deal on 1000gp bonus starting money, with some strings attached (I would like to give this to a thief). I have a suggestion for the background of a wizard character, if anyone is interested. I may have more special deals and ideas available when we roll up characters.

The Cast

Character Class Description Player
Agareos sorcerer/monk aprentice to a wizard in exile Chuck
Akari monk young spartiate warrior of a famous family Bryan
Krom barbarian foreigner from the West, friend to palame Ross
Kuros cleric to Zeus young spartiate warrior and friend to Akari Noel
Palame thief aspiring middle class thief Elly

The Story

The following list contains excerpts from email sent (mostly by me) in the Race campaign. They chronicle the progress of the adventure so far.

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