Character Creation


This is a Pathfinder RPG campaign. The only book you need is the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook from Paizo. It combines what was previously the Players Handbook and DM's Guide into one book.

While it's nice to have an actual book, all the rules are also available on-line for free, here: Take a look at the Character Creation Outline link for a quick walk-through on character creation.

There is also software to help you create a character: If you have a little money to spend, Hero Lab does a good job. I personally use a free tool called PCGen that also does a good job, but may be less polished. Also checkout HeroMachine, a cool character picture generator.

General Knowledge

Character Ideas...

Rules Guidelines

Pre-Rolled Characters

Iustus (Paladin) Second in command of the company. He would be an obvious leader of your adventuring party.
Servius (Cleric) Legion Intercessor responsible for the company's spiritual correctness. He is an evil man, but a valuable ally, and has much influence in the company and on the party.
Alena (Enchanter)
Gert (raven familiar)
Wizard Lieutenant, in charge of the company's magical arsenal. This character build abuses the rules for item creation to get more magic items.
Korin (Barbarian) Sergeant who enforces order among the soldiers. He is a powerful melee fighter, and can endure massive damage without going down.
Feliu (Rogue) A skilled rogue explorer, hiding out from his creditors in disguise as an Imperial soldier. His skills could come in handy in a fight or in a dungeon crawl.
Sandalio (Ranger)
Baldo (animal companion)
A native of the Morphic Lands, acting as a guide. He appears human, but is actually a natural werewolf, a fact he keeps secret.