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Circle Quest: Winter of 2007

The Circle Quest is a city based campaign featuring a powerful enchantment and a mysterious past. There will be combat, puzzles, and roll playing, with a variety of ways to achieve your objectives.

The game is intended to take about 5 sessions to play out. But the last time I ran it, it took 9 sessions to complete. It works best with about 5 players. 4 players would be the minimum. I could maybe handle as many as 7 players, but that many players makes the game unwieldy. If you know anyone who would like to play, please invite them to the game.

Table of Contents

Prologue -- Who are we?
Chapter 1 -- The geas.
Chapter 2 -- Lost in a museum.
Chapter 3 -- Fall from the tower.
Chapter 4 -- A children's story.
Chapter 5 -- A blob below, the wind above.
Chapter 6 -- From air, to water, into stone.
Chapter 7 -- Church and State.
Chapter 8 -- Negotiating an ending.


Select from one of 10 pre-rolled characters, levels 4 through 9. They are designed to fit the campaign, but they are not fully fleshed out. You will have a chance to customize these characters, including their level and abilities, both before and during the game. Select from:

  1. a human thief, not a fighter
  2. a middle-aged human cleric
  3. a half-orc barbarian
  4. an elven sorceress
  5. an urban druid
  6. a fine gentleman
  7. the local fuzz
  8. an aspiring young musician
  9. a noble knight
  10. this character is a total mystery

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