Warrior Angel
Ademis (intermediate god)

Commonly known as the King in Irons, Ademis is the self proclaimed ruler of the gods. He is a king in exile, yet his commands are still heeded and obeyed by the other lawful gods. His exile began early in the history of this world, when the outlaw gods, lead by Mary Inos, first revealed their wickedness by luring their king beyond the gates of Hell. Ademis suspected treachery, but in those times Inos' word was still trusted, and Hell's threat to the gods was real. Inos' treachery was revealed when Ademis first passed into Avernus and the gates slammed shut behind him. The conspirators fled, bearing away the only key to Hell's gates, and escaped into hiding before Ademis' loyal subjects could come to his rescue. If the key is ever recovered, then Ademis can be freed to return and retake his rightful place in the mortal realm, and punish the outlawed gods for their treachery.

Ademis' exile prevents him from directly interfering in the mortal realm, or even sending an avatar, but he still wields great power over his mortal and immortal subjects. Most gods of this pantheon remain loyal to Ademis and support his decrees, delivered by diminutive messengers who can pass through the bars of Hell's gate and enter the material world for a short time. His priests are still granted access to a complete pallet of spells, even though direct contact with the object of their worship is denied them. As king of the gods, Ademis reserves the ultimate power over life and death: The power to resurrect is given only to Ademis' priests and to no others in this pantheon. Even Lyso, the goddess of healing, cannot restore a life that has been lost for more than a few days.

Roll-playing notes: Ademis is a prisoner in Hell, so cannot directly interfere in the mortal realm. The only contact he has with his worshippers is via diminutive and virtually powerless messengers or by the summoning spells cast by priests and wizards, which can draw creatures loyal to him past the otherwise impenetrable gate. Many centuries of missives smuggled out of Hell form Ademis' "Rules of Civilized Behavior" and the basic framework for Empire administration. These laws declare that humans are the rightful rulers of the world and all other races are below them, men command and women please and nurture, and all nations should be united under a common empire to insure a peaceful coexistence. Ademis is a god of law and has decreed that all lawbreakers should suffer for their crimes, especially those who follow Inos and the other outlaw spirits.

Statistics: AL le; WAL non-chaotic; AoC law, empire; SY iron shackle or ring.

Duties of the Priesthood
The priests of Ademis form an elite cult dedicated to disseminating Ademis' laws and encouraging the growth of empire. Note that the laws must be told to the masses and repeated often, since the written scriptures may only be read and interpreted by his priests. The reading of these Rules by a non-priest is punishable by death. It is also the responsibility of Ademis' priests to cleanse the world of any non-human peoples who threaten the Empire or Ademis' will.

Requirements: AB Wis 12, Str 12; AL any lawful; WP any blunt; AR a; SP all, charm, combat, divination*, guardian, law, necromantic, summoning, war; PW 3) detect lie at will, 10) forcecage; TU turn.

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