Holy Warrior
Athena (demigoddess)

In an age long past, there lived a warrior priestess of exceptional purity and strength. Her name was Gillian Athena. In life, she lead an order of extravagantly pure and honorable fighters in a crusade to eliminate the evil creatures of the world and to defend the serfs and servants in their care. In death, her sacrifices and accomplishments earned her a place among the gods. She is now known simply as Athena, the patron goddess of paladins.

To the common people, Athena's name is often associated with just causes and weddings. Hers is the blessing that is most commonly called for at weddings among commoners of civilized lands, although Ademis' blessing is more often invoked among the aristocracy.

Roll-playing notes: Athena is chaste, as she was in life, and likewise forbids carnal relations among her priests. Despite having never married, she does not require her priests to remain celibate. Note that these marriages can never be consummated in the usual sense, so are rare and often surrounded by tragic circumstances.

Athena is mortal enemies with both Gauss (the evil sea goddess) and Cogen Rel (maker of monsters). She has championed countless battle against them both. Her battles with the god Maxwell are less straight forward, as she seems unwilling to oppose him directly. Athena owes her allegiance to Ademis, but tempers his sometimes harsh judgments with her innate compassion.

Statistics: AL lg; WAL lg; AoC just causes and weddings; SY circled cross.

Athena's Avatar (paladin 20)
Athena's avatar is the high commander of all her paladins and other holy warriors. She is the greatest warrior of her order and the love object of her followers. The avatar is fair skinned, with golden blond hair and blue eyes; a slender classic beauty.

#AT5/2THAC0-2(+1)(+5)Dmg1d8+14 each

Special Att/Def: The avatar commonly wears field plate (+5) armor of etherealness and carries a large shield +1/+4 vs. missiles. She is specialized in long sword (+1 to hit, +2 dam.) and wields a +5 holy avenger, attacking 5/2 times per round. She often acts as judge of the crimes of others, and is quick to carry out sentencing by her own hand.

Duties of the Priesthood
Athena's priests are all paladins, and most (but not all) paladins of the Empire are priests of Athena. These priests are chaste (forbidden carnal knowledge), although they are allowed to marry. A paladin's primary duty is usually to rid his domains of all evil monsters and other evil influences.

Requirements: AB as paladin; AL lg; WP any melee weapon; AR c; SP as paladin; PW as paladin, 8) astral spell; TU as paladin.

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