Cogen Rel (intermediate god)

Cogen Rel is the god of conflict, and it is his purpose is to spread terror and chaos everywhere he goes. He is also a creator god, whose monstrous children terrorize every land. The plane of Tarterus is littered with his experiments: all kind of terrors not yet ready for the material world or for which the world is not yet ready. The basilisk, chimera, gorgon, and harpy are some of his earliest creations. The aurumvorax, deepspawn, gloomwing, and otyugh are less ancient, but have still stalked civilized lands for thousands of years. Under Cogen Rel's influence even simple rodents and insects grow to fantastic sizes, with vicious temperaments. His powers are strongest on the Prime Material plane and on his home plane of Tarterus, although his creations are found spread to all planes of reality.

Roll-playing notes: Few people worship Cogen Rel openly except for the desperate, insane, or recklessly vengeful, since the Rel's favor often comes at a high price. Many people worship him unintentionally, and every vengeful or chaotic act is a whispered prayer adding to his power. A few desperate individuals actively call for Cogen Rel to attack their enemies. Cogen Rel is the most likely of all the gods to respond to worshipers requests, but such help often comes at a high cost to the asker and his friends. Each wish granted is paid for by a curse, and few people are ever happy with the final outcome and their eventual fate.

Cogen Rel has neither loyalty nor compassion, and is as likely to turn on his worshippers as to help them. Clerics of this treacherous god walk a fine line between unleashing awesome destructive powers and preserving their own lives. Cogen Rel greatly enjoys interfering in the mortal realm, and sends his avatars often to interfere in pivotal moments of history. An avatar summoned by one of the Rel's high priests will first strive to achieve the destruction and terror he is called to perform, then will run out of control, wrecking all in his path, especially his summoner.

Statistics: AL ce; WAL any chaotic; AoC fear, chaos, and creation; SY solitary insect or arachnid.

Cogne Rel's Avatar (cleric 20)
When it first manifests, the avatar is a floating luminescent ball, similar in appearance to a will o'wisp. In this form the avatar is invulnerable, although it is also largely impotent. Its only attack is to posses another intelligent creature (save vs. death magic once per round until possession succeeds). It can travel instantly to any point on the current plane to attack its desired target.

Once possession has been accomplished, the avatar completely controls the individual and all their powers, as well as being able to use its own powers as a 20th level cleric. Strength, dexterity, and constitution are initially those of the victim, but each turn both strength and dexterity are increased by one, and one point of constitution is lost. When constitution is all burned away (i.e., reaches 0) the mortal body dies and the avatar returns to the god. Intelligence, wisdom, and charisma are the avatar's own, regardless of the victim's original statistics.

Like the changes to ability scores, the avatar's personality and temperament also change over time. In the beginning it is cunning and controlled, able to impersonate the victim and guide others to where he and they can do the most damage. As the possession progresses the avatar becomes more chaotic, violent, and destructive.

Str23 maxDex21 maxConspecial

Special Att/Def: The avatar radiates a 15'r. sphere of paralysis at will (save vs. spell). Paralysis last for one round. In can also heal, as per the 6th level clerical spell, once per round as the only action that round.

Duties of the Priesthood
Priests of Cogen Rel are charged with finding converts. This means they must always be on the lookout for disgruntled or vengeful individuals who might be tempted to accept this god's aid. They rarely have a congregation, since the worshippers rarely outlive the fulfillment of their vengeful ambitions. The souls of all converts are given to Cogen Rel to use for his experiments in terror.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any evil; WP any; AR b; SP all, animal*, chaos, charm, combat, creation, elemental, necromantic*, plant*, summoning; PW 1) monster summoning I; 3) m.s. II; 5) m.s. III; 7) m.s. IV; 9) m.s. V; 11) m.s. VI; 13) m.s. VII; 15) summon the avatar to attack a named victim (if the victim saves against the first 3 attacks, then the avatar turns on its summoner); TU command.

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