Sea Goddess
Gauss (intermediate goddess)

Millian Gauss is an evil goddess of the sea. She sweeps the surface with vicious storms and rules below the waves with a fist of stone. Her name is often associated with the fate of those unfortunate sailors who are lost at sea, and the expression “to eat with Gauss” means to feast with the dead.

Her land-bound worshipers form several cults, like a collection of witches' covens. These small secret groups of worshippers, mostly women, perform rituals and sacrifices at the water's edge in return for power. Below the surface, Gauss is the patron goddess of many kingdoms of evil sea denizens.

Gauss is one of the five creators of the world, responsible for all oceans and seas.

Roll-playing notes: Millian Gauss act with pure malicious intent, spreading evil and unreasoning terror in her wake. She has a preference for psychological torture, taking pleasure in each mind she breaks. Her closest supplicants have all been broken in this way, and are now incapable of being unfaithful to her. Every one of them secretly wishes her a painful death. Gauss' omens usually involve an unexplained drowning, where the corpse's face is frozen into a mask of terror.

Statistics: AL ne; WAL any non-good; AoC murder, evil, and the sea; SY lead mask of a face frozen in terror.

Gauss' Avatar (cleric 15, thief 10)
Gauss' avatar is a shapely aquatic elf girl. She is occasionally seen playing in the surf, draped only with close clinging sea weed. She hunts, in this way, for victims that she can lure into the water for her sinister enjoyments.

Mv9, Sw18Sz5'MR50%

Special Att/Def: The avatar scratches with her sharp nails in battle, but usually prefers to avoid a physical confrontation. Her voice can charm every person within 30' or any single person up to 120 yards away (save vs. spell). The food she offers her victims will bestow water breathing if ingested (as the potion), but it also binds the recipient to her service for all eternity. This service begins after the character dies, and continues even if the character is restored to life.

Duties of the Priesthood
Gauss' priestesses live by the sea or any other large body of water, since many ceremonies require it. Despite this, most worshippers are afraid of the water, knowing only too well the dangers of entering their goddess' domain. Every coven must give one unwilling human sacrifice to the sea each year, although more sacrifices can be given to win special favor.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any evil; WP net, trident, war hammer, spear; AR a; SP all, elemental (air*, earth*, water), guardian, necromantic, protection*, time*, wards, weather; PW 2) hesitation 6) weather stasis 10) conjure (water) elemental 15) age creature; TU command.

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