Warrior Femme
Inos (lesser goddess)

Inos is the patron goddess of thieves, and the sworn enemy of Ademis. Before Roneleven was created, she lead the fight against the unstoppable evil. To this day she continues her play to free her followers from Ademis' tyranny. As she challenges Ademis' control of the immortal, her worshippers subvert his influence on Roneleven and the other mortal spheres.

In life, Mary Inos was an ordinary woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a childlike figure. She was pretty but plain, and used her plainness to her advantage as a master of disguise. Few ever saw her in her true form, and then like now, few ever realize when their lives had been made a part of Inos' manipulations.

Roll-playing notes: Inos has a flamboyant style and enjoys doing things for spectacular effect. Paradoxically she prefers to operate from the shadows, and is rarely associated with the results of her scheming. Her omens are brief glimpses of a white robed and hooded woman beckoning from the shadows. This omen is an invitation to join in the latest plot against Ademis and his mortal and immortal allies.

Statistics: AL cg; WAL any; AoC thieves, revolution, and conspiracy; SY white robe and dagger.

Inos's Avatar (illusionist 10, thief 14)
Inos' avatar is an athletic woman, but otherwise non-descript, and blends instantly into any crowd of people. She often wears a hooded white robe, with a plain though exceptionally well crafted knife at her belt. She also keeps weapons hidden about her person, although the knife is her trademark weapon.


Special Att/Def: The white robe acts as both a Cloak of Displacement and a Cloak of Elvenkind, despite its white coloring. The knife at her belt is enchanted to +3 and will never miss its target when thrown. The knife's enchantment makes it especially useful for attempting trick shots and special maneuvers, which never miss.

Duties of the Priesthood
The priests of Inos are charged with subverting the order established by Ademis. They are responsible for much of the black market activity in Empire, and involved in the thieves' guilds of many cities. Nearly every underground movement is supported in some way by Inos and her priests. Only the most depraved and evil organizations are shunned, or opposed.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any; WP clubbing weapons, short blades, small projectile weapons; AR b; SP all, charm, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic*, wards; PW 1) obscurement, 5) blur, 10) invisibility; TU nil.

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