Nature Scene
Janier (intermediate god)

Skapen Janier is the god of nature, and protector of the natural world. From his silver cup flows the soul of the natural world. Its waters can heal any ailment and its image is the symbol of holiness to all Janier's worshippers. Skapen Janier toils endlessly to defend the natural world from the depredations of shortsighted civilizations, and to heal past damages. He is the self appointed protector of all his people and creations, and will ride forth in times of great trouble to aid the land and his worshippers.

Roll-playing notes: Skapen Janier's personality has changed several times since the creation of Roneleven, following a cycle of life, death, and rebirth lasting over a thousand years. Each new eon, Janier chooses a protege from among his druid priests to aid him in his rebirth. This protege refreshes Janier's knowledge of the ever changing world, while at the same time learning the god's age old wisdom. In recent centuries, Janier and the druid priesthood have isolated themselves from the civilizations of man. The druids, the god, and the villages of his worshippers struggle to keep their wilderness homes away from the ever expanding Empire under Ademis. Fiercely loyal to his own people, Janier's favors are given only to his worshipers and druid priests. Omens and warnings take the form of lucid dreams usually including visions of his silver grail.

Statistics: AL n; WAL any; AoC animals, nature; SY silver grail.

Janier's Avatar (ranger 15)
Janier's avatar appears as a young man, who is wood-wise, strong, and charismatic. He wears leather armor with silver studs and rides a gray mare of exceptional breeding and supernatural prowess.


Special Att/Def: The avatar wears magical +2 studded leather armor and wields a +4 defender long sword. His mount (AC 7; MV 36; HD 6; THAC0 15; #AT 3; Dmg 1d8/1d8/1d4) has unlimited endurance and can shift into the ethereal plane at will taking along whatever she is carrying.

Duties of the Priesthood
Priests of Janier are druids. They are charged with protecting the natural wilderness from destructive civilizations. Few druids ever leave the lands of their birth, although the god's power and protection would be with them anywhere among the material planes. Every druid is charged with protecting and restoring the balance of nature.

Requirements: AB as druid; AL as druid; WP as druid; AR as druid; SP as druid; PW as druid, but also 1) starshine, 10) sunray; TU nil.

Notes to the DM
The name Skapen Janier was originally not a name at all, but a title. The modern god is only the latest holder of the position of Landscape Engineer for the planet of Peraka, which later became Roneleven. After many years of service the original office holder grew tired of shepherding mortals and saw better uses for his powers and time. He also perceived that he was loosing touch with the world's needs, which inevitably changed over the centuries. As a solution to both these problems, he chose a protege and trained him in the duties of his position. When the training was over he passed the title of Landscape Engineer to his protege and left, to pursue his own projects and goals. Over the ages this scene has been replayed several times. Each office holder serves for several centuries, often a millennium or longer, before turning the office over to the next Skapen Janier. The knowledge of how the godhead is passed along is a carefully guarded secret, known only to the current reigning Grand Druid and Hierophants.

The original Landscape Engineer was one of the five creators of Peraka.

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