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Lyso (lesser goddess)

Lyso is the goddess of healing. She represents a goodness so profound that it is often beyond human understanding. Believers say she lives above the mortal realm in a pyramid of white stone. And she is always described as a beautiful woman, with one notable deformity: a single eye staring out from the center of her face.

Roll-playing notes: Lyso's single eye looks out from the topmost window of her pyramid, shining a ray of light downward in search of suffering in the mortal world. Her compassion is unbounded and her avatars are sent wherever she sees great pain or suffering. Despite her great compassion, Lyso cares only for physical health, and lets the other gods quibble over men's souls.

Lyso has no care for politics or assignment of blame, her only priority is curing the wounded. For this reason, evil men will sometimes take one of Lyso's clerics to a battle in chains to cure their own wounded when the battle is over. Her clerics have no choice in these circumstances, if they wish to follow Lyso's teachings.

Lyso's name is often invoked in the prayers of the sick and the wounded. The many voices that call her name are a great roar in the psychic wind. With only one eye, her view of the world is limited and few supplicants receive her divine aid. Her clerics must do what they can to help the many people missed by her gaze. Lyso's omens take the form of miraculous recoveries and successful faith healings, where the goddess' will is interpreted by her priests from the details of the miracle.

Statistics: AL ng; WAL any non-evil; AoC healers, life; SY an eye in a pyramid.

Lyso's Avatar (cleric 20)
Lyso's avatar is a beautiful woman with blond hair and fair skin. Her unearthly beauty is marred only by her eyes, which emit a silvery light. No iris or pupil can be seen through the brilliant glare radiating from her eyes. Her gaze is both physically soothing and disconcerting in its inhuman strangeness.


Special Att/Def: The avatar is surrounded by an aura of sanctuary (as the cleric spell). Her glowing eyes light a path for 30' in front of her and can effect others like the wizard spell hypnotic pattern at will. She carries a small knife (+1), but will only defend herself if she is mortally threatened. She will not kill.

Duties of the Priesthood
Priests of Lyso live to help others, and are discouraged from taking sides in any conflict. Their help should always be given to whoever needs it. There are few true priests of Lyso, and they are loved and worshipped by good hearted people wherever they go.

Requirements: AB standard; AL ng; WP net, lasso, or used as non-weapon proficiencies; AR g; SP all, astral*, charm, creation*, elemental*, guardian, healing, protection, sun, travelers; PW 1) music of the spheres, 8) regenerate, 13) sunray; TU turn.

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