Flying Serpent
Macon Black (greater god)

Macon Black holds ultimate power over the material world. The powers all other gods to act upon the world flows from Macon's explicit consent, and he uses his power to insure that nothing seriously disrupts the basic order of creation. His unblinking eyes continually watch the prime material and inner planes; Whether or not he chooses to act, he is conscious of all that happens there. While his vision extends to the astral plane, his power is limited there to maintaining the boundaries of the outer planes and sweeping away excess matter from the astral's silvery surface.

Roll-playing notes: The actions of Macon Black often run astray of human expectations. Despite, or perhaps because of his lawful nature, Macon Black will allow any power that is properly summoned to act upon the world. Even if such act is contrary to his will, it is allowed provided all the proper rules were followed in its evocation. It is the role of Macon Black's avatars and priests to correct the damage wrought by these acts. The god's omens take the form of vivid hallucinations, showing the outcome of leaving worldly cancers untreated, and providing vital hints about how to correct the damage before it spreads too far. These visions are meant as commands to Macon Black's priests and other servants to undertake the quests necessary to restore the state of the world.

Statistics: AL ln; WAL any; AoC status quo; SY squat lizard in a hexagonal iron ring.

Macon's Avatar (fighter 20, cleric 18)
Macon Black's avatar appears from the waist up as a stout human man, but as either a snake or lizard below. He fights with his bare hands or with an iron staff, and may choose his spells from any sphere.

#AT3THAC0-7Dmg1d3+7/1d3+7/1d6+7 or 1d6+11/1d6+11/1d6+7

Special Att/Def: When faced with opponents bearing enchanted weapons he will use his +4 iron staff, which acts as a rod of disruption with unlimited charges. Opponents behind or to the side can be attacked by the avatar's tail: A successful hit indicates that the opponent has been grasped by the tail and will continue to take damage each round until released. Each round a grasped opponent may attempt to break free by making a successful BB/LG check.

Duties of the Priesthood
Every day a priest of Macon Black must spend at least one hour in meditation. It is during these meditations that spells are granted and the god's will is made known when there are quests to perform.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any lawful; WP any; AR a; SP all, divination*, law, numbers, wards; PW 1) 10% MR per level (up to 90%); 10) anti-magic shell; TU turn.

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