Maxwell (intermediate god)

Maxwell is the god of anarchists and wanderers. He is associated with the Star of the East that hangs perpetually over the Eastern horizon. Legends tell of times when the Star of the East would wink out for many years at a time. While it was gone, Maxwell's influence would wane, but its return always brought a resurgence of the god's power and of anarchy in the world.

Maxwell is the sometimes lover of Mary Inos, but his chaotic nature makes an enduring relationship impossible. His incredible charisma has attracted many women into his arms, some even against their better judgement. One legend says that even the ultimately pure goddess Gillian Athena once yielded to his manly charms.

Roll-playing notes: Maxwell is expansive and unpredictable. He has been known to join in Mary Inos' plotting, and usually takes the credit (or blame) for any visible results. Maxwell is extremely powerful and charismatic, but he is also moody and self centered. The reasons for his actions are unfathomable, but it can be certain that his motives are entirely his own.

Statistics: AL cn; WAL any non-lawful; AoC travelers and anarchists; SY seven pointed star.

Maxwell's Avatar (fighter 20, wild mage 15)
Maxwell's avatar is a figure of manly charm and perfection, making him nearly irresistible to women. He is never without his gold coin, a symbol of randomness, which he admires. The coin is minted with a sailing ship on one side and a seven pointed star on the other. When faced with a decision, he displays this coin, even if he doesn't actually flip it.


Special Att/Def: Maxwell's avatar attacks with two swords, one in each hand, and he attacks twice with the sword in his left. He can use his gold coin to cast hypnotism (as the wizard spell) on anyone who watches. The effect of the coin is more powerful than the usual spell, so its target must save vs. spell -4 and is not necessarily aware of the attempt.

Duties of the Priesthood
Priests of Maxwell believe they are free to do as they please. This often makes them objects of suspicion and mistrust in law abiding communities. When the Start of the East is in the sky, Maxwell's clerics revel in their granted powers. When the Star is absent, there duty is to keep alive the proper traditions and rituals for worshipping their god and to await his return.

Requirements: AB standard; AL any chaotic; WP any; AR a; SP all, astral, chaos, charm*, combat, creation*, divination, elemental, healing, necromantic, protection*, thought*, travelers, wards*; PW 1) enthrall (once per week), 5) unluck, 10) highway; TU nil.

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