Mountain Temple
Xavier (intermediate god)

Daniel Xavier is the god of knowledge and discovery, and has been accumulating knowledge since before the beginning of time. As one of the five creators of this world he has an intimate knowledge of its history and secrets, especially the secrets of magic and the powers of other gods. It is even written that Xavier created Macon Black, but how this is possible without the power that Macon Black supplies is unknown. His researches have brought many changes to the world since its early days, such as providing access to the Phlogiston, taming the etheric cyclone and psychic wind, and inventing new schools of magic for mortal and immortal study.

Roll-playing notes: Xavier is reclusive, and rarely interferes in the material world. From his home on Nirvana, Xavier watches over his mortal worshippers and immortal assistants, paying special attention to those on the trail of profound discovery. Omens take the form of divine inspirations, guiding worshippers in their research or proposing new directions of study. Xavier's purpose is to cultivate the geniuses of the mortal realm, eventually producing new assistants to aid his divine research.

Statistics: AL ln; WAL any; AoC knowledge and creation; SY 'aleph.

Xavier's Avatar (cleric 20, mage 20)
Xavier's Avatar appears as an old man or distinguished elf. He wears a white robe like some religious hermit. His staff is always near at hand and acts as a Staff of the Magi, and he will go to great lengths to recover it if it is ever lost or stolen. The avatar has also been known to carry and use many other miscellaneous magic items.


Special Att/Def: Besides his staff and assortment of magic items, Xavier's avatar is most often protected by spells cast in advance of any battle. His great intelligence allows him to sort through the many alternative futures and prepare in advance for attacks directed at him. Assume he has previously cast 2-5 unobtrusive defensive spells to help in any battle, but decide what those spells are only as they are needed at the moment they are needed in combat.

Duties of the Priesthood
Priests dedicated to Xavier spend their lives in study or teaching from their accumulated knowledge. Most are sequestered in laboratories and libraries, or assigned to cities and noble courts as tutors. A few feel the calling to venture out into the world as field researchers, seeking the knowledge they cannot find at home. Xavier's priests learn the magic of both priests and wizards, and are all multi-classed cleric/mages.

Requirements: AB Int 9; AL any; WP as wizard; AR g; SP all, astral, charm*, creation, divination, elemental*, healing*, numbers, thought, time, travelers*; PW 1) idea, 8) group mind; TU nil.

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